Code Breaker Challenge - Boffins of Britain

Are you a closet code breaker or just breaking your heart to be a boffin? Do you need a quirky and fun code breaking challenge to liven up that landmark birthday, add sparkle to your team building or put some pazazz in your party? Well let your search end here!


For centuries, enemy nations around the world have secretly funded secret, underground and undercover networks intent on foul play and major felony! Operating from hidden bunkers, secret tunnels and even garden sheds, their devious plans avoid detection and suspicion from all but the most clever!  


It will be your challenge to work as teams of ‘incredibly brainy’ code-breaking masterminds, and using the DUKW as your boffin HQ, crack the secret code and stop our evil adversaries from stealing the tourist attractions of London.


Tour duration: 2 ½ - 3 hrs


This tour is only available as a Private Hire. Click below for more information and prices quoting “Code Breaker”.

 We would recommend this tour for the following: 

Team Building



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Code Breaker Challenge - Boffins of Britain

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