Undiscovered London - Southbank and Southwark Tour

Offered as a private hire or when special events/road closures divert us away from our Westminster or City route.


Meet the naughtier neighbour of Westminster and the City and find the other side of the Capital – a feast for the senses for centuries! An historic place of vice and virtue, with culture and cathedrals placed cheek by jowl, and a larder fit for the Bard!


This is Southwark and the Southbank who’s ancient and winding streets were well known to Keats, Dickens, Shakespeare and Chaucer. This is the site of Tudor theatres and ancient ale houses, where Winchester Geese worked alongside the bear pits – the area has provided entertainment and escapism for centuries.


A place of contrasts and constant change – where the medieval rubs shoulders with the super modern spike of The Shard, The glitz of the Oxo Tower and the towering Tate Modern. Admire the mighty St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge before heading past the Imperial War Museum to and James Bond’s HQ, MI6 for our Splashdown….it’s all been for your eyes only!


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Tour duration: Approx. 75 minutes


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Undiscovered London - Southbank and Southwark Tour

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