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Route Change Diary 20165th March 2015

London is a vibrant city with an outstanding reputation for hosting many world class events throughout the year.  Inevitably this means that, occasionally, we will need to change the advertised route to accommodate the road closures and diversions which are key to the successful delivery of these events.


Below is a diary of these events for 2016 and a brief itinerary of the routes we intend to cover on each of these special days.  Remember, the river trip will operate as advertised and you will get the same highly entertaining experience – in fact the only difference is that some of the sights you see on land may be different.


We will include details of any other route changes as soon as they are confirmed and/or we are made aware of them. 


All routes are subject to change.


19th November: Student march and rally: Classic Sightseeing Tour moving to City Tour when roads close; river trip unaffected.







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