The easiest and most effective way to learn something is when you’re having fun and doing something memorable.  A London Duck Tour can be much more than a fun sightseeing experience; it’s an enjoyable and stimulating way to learn whilst taking in the spectacular sights, sounds and history of London.  With 2000 years of history, this buzzing metropolis is a never ending story of drama, pageantry, politics and trade.  As Dr Johnson said, if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of Life, so take a London Duck Tour and begin your educational journey through time! Whether it’s for a specific educational purpose or an end of term reward, we can tailor the tour to your educational requirements, age group and energy level.

Packed with facts

Our Classic Sightseeing Tour and City Tour are presented with an entertaining commentary designed to engage and capture children’s imagination.  The tours are jam packed with facts figures and tales of London past and present, revealing the many layers of history in this amazing capital City.

Let the Duck do the walking

We all know how hard sightseeing by foot can be with younger children – busy pavements, tired legs and crowds. Rise above all that on a London Duck Tour where we cover miles of Central London landmarks and learn about the Capital city all from the comfort of an amphibious craft. Then add a splashdown in the Thames to the day’s learning, with all the unique sights and sounds of the world famous river and the beating heart of a 24-7 global city, and you’ll have a truly memorable day for one and all.

Our sightseeing tours can be adapted to suit different educational needs and age groups and we have designed certain themed tours for the 7-17 age group. These include:

Tour last approximately 75 minutes.
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