London River Tour

PLEASE NOTE that from since September 2017 the River element of all tours has ceased due to the construction of the Thames super tunnel. Due to this we are not running our usual daily schedule of tours, but instead we are offering a choice of three road-only tours, all available on a private hire basis. Please see our private hire page for details.

Sightseeing on the River Thames with an Amazing Amphibious Adventure

London Duck Tours offers more than just a land based sightseeing experience, and believe that no trip to London is complete without a trip on the river as well. Our distinctive yellow DUKW vehicles are designed to drive into the River Thames, so join us on one of our range of Classic Sightseeing or limited edition themed tours and enter the wonderfully unique world of amphibious travel.

The Centre of the Ancient City

The River Thames, 215 miles long and at the centre of this ancient city for 2000 years, was and is a focus of activity, a commerce hub, a means of defence and a method of transport.  This is the same river that the Roman’s sailed down when they built Londinium. The same river used by Henry VIII and the Tudors. The river used to dampen down the Great Fire of London. The same river that allowed the Pool of London to drive the economy of the Victorian British Empire to new heights.

The Advantage of a River View

Each one of our tours includes a thrilling splashdown into the Thames, followed by a peaceful cruise around this famous river.  The river provides the perfect vantage point from which to view the awesome sight of the Palace of Westminster – including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets, and a chance to take those all-important photos of sights, bridges and buildings from a unique angle.

The River as Muse

At London Duck Tours we are a little obsessed with the mighty Thames – quackers about it in fact – but don’t just take our word for it. The great bards and poets have for centuries been transfixed and beguiled with the ancient river Thames.

As Wordsworth wrote –

Glide gently, thus forever glide,
O Thames! that other bards may see,
As lovely visions by thy side
As now, fair river! come to me.
Oh glide, fair stream! for ever so;
Thy quiet soul on all bestowing,
‘Till all our minds forever flow,
As thy deep waters now are flowing.

So let the Thames inspire your day and book your London river tour today!