D-Day Duck Tour

London Blitz Tour

A must for all history buffs, this very special sights-and-sounds tour whisks you back to the war torn London of WWII.  With our D-Day Duck (London Blitz) Tour we’ll bring to life the key events, sights and sounds of London during the 1940’s.

The sights and sounds of WWII

Jazz at the Ritz, the eerie sound of the air raid siren and those life-affirming speeches by Sir Winston himself.  In this unique history packed and entertaining tour, suitable for the whole family, our professional tour guide, dressed as a 1940s character, will show you London’s most important Second World War sights including the symbolic beacon of hope during World War II – St Paul’s Cathedral (viewed from Waterloo Bridge), the secret underground tunnels of the Cabinet War Rooms, Big Ben and the Royal Family’s head office, Buckingham Palace.

DUKWs and the D Day beaches in Normandy

Our extraordinary Duck boats were originally designed for a specific and vital role in the Normandy beach landings.

During the early days of World War II, the allies were faced with a tough tactical problem: how could they unload cargo and men from their ships to coastlines that that were heavily guarded by enemy positions? The answer was to unload cargo directly onto the beach – but how?  A custom-made amphibious vehicle that was half boat and half truck, and that could run on land and water was invented; a DUKW!

Let our modern day refurbished and redesigned DUKWs transport you in comfort by road on this unique journey through the London of the Second World War.

Tour duration: Approx 75 minutes

Public Tours operate on the 1st Sunday of every month

The D Day Duck is also available as a Private Hire.

Our Private Hire team will be pleased to help with more information and prices.  Please quote D-Day Duck London Blitz Tour.