How Much Does it Cost to Buy Tickets for Every Attraction on a London Duck Tours Sightseeing Tour?

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Our Classic Sightseeing Tour takes you through the heart of London to see the City’s top landmarks. For just £26 you can see all of Central London’s top attractions from the road and the river.

london sightseeing tour

Some of our visitors are so intrigued by the attractions we talk about on the tour, they like to go and see them afterwards for a more in-depth look.

Here are the ticket prices and details for the main attractions on the sightseeing tour.

London Eye

Standard entry to the London Eye costs £21.20 for a 30-minute rotation to see the London skyline.

The entrance to the London Eye is just minutes from our office by foot.

Houses of Parliament

A guided tour of the Houses of Parliament costs £25.50 per adult. You can see a preview of the tour below – tours are offered in over 25 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Welsh. They can, however, be unavailable or cancelled depending on what is happening in parliament on the day.

The Houses of Parliament are 9 minutes by bus (the 211) from our pick up and drop off point.

Westminster Abbey

Entry to Westminster Abbey is £20 per adult, including a free audio guide. There are also Verger-led tours available for individuals or groups for £5 on top of the entrance charge. The tour lasts around 90 minutes and includes all of the most notable areas of Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is 11-12 minutes from our pick up and drop off point; you can either take the 211 bus or go on the Jubilee line to Westminster Station.

No 10 Downing Street

While you can have your photograph taken with the famous Downing Street sign, you will not be able to approach the door or enter the house due to security concerns (and the fact that a family lives there).

Downing Street is around 10-15 minutes away from our pick up and drop off location; you can take the Jubilee or Bakerloo line there, or go on the 211 bus.

Horse Guards

Tickets to events at  Horse Guards Parade are available from the Household Division website but Horse Guards itself is free to explore and watch the daily guard change at 11.00am, 10.00 Sundays.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is free to visit and is a public square – you can take a look at the sculptures on each plinth and even enter the National Gallery at the top of Trafalgar Square for free.

Trafalgar Square is 8 minutes away from our pick up and drop off location, via the Bakerloo line.

The Ritz

The Ritz is certainly the most expensive attraction to visit. Entry to the hotel is free, but if you want to stay the night or linger for a little longer, you will need to pay for a room or lunch. A weekend break at the Ritz costs £320 per night, including breakfast and Wi-Fi. If you just want a bite to eat, the famous Ritz afternoon tea is £52 per person and requires you to follow the hotel’s dress code.

The Ritz is 8 minutes from our pick up and drop off location – you will need to take the Jubilee line to Green Park. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to take a London black cab it will cost £15-28, depending on the time and traffic.

Buckingham Palace

Entry to the Buckingham Palace State Rooms (open 23rd July to 2nd October)is £21.50 per adult.

Buckingham Palace is 13-22 minutes from our pick up and drop off location, depending on whether you walk and take the Jubilee line or rely on the 211 bus.

Tate Britain

Both the Tate Britain and Tate Modern offer free entry, but some exhibitions may require tickets.

The Tate Britain is 12-24 minutes from our location, depending on whether you take the 507 bus or take the Bakerloo line and then the 87 bus. You can then take the Clipper from Tate Britain to the Tate Modern to see both galleries.


There are no tours of MI5 and MI6 headquarters, and it’s best not to try to gain entry (which is roughly the same as trying to get into the Pentagon). However, both offices might be moving in the future – it’s unclear where the organisations will move to, since their new building will need bullet-proof windows, bomb-blast protection, and emergency back-up systems.

The Total: £139.90

If you wanted to see every single attraction, with afternoon tea at the Ritz in between, it would cost £139.90 per person.

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