Team Building Activities the Whole Office Will Love

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Telling the office that you’re planning a team building day can result in groans rather than excitement at a new experience and quality time with colleagues.

Many team building days focus on overcoming obstacles and setting tasks, rather than letting employees get to know each other a little better outside the work environment. Your employees work together as a team and overcome challenges every day, so why not give them an enjoyable team building day when they can relax, talk, and share a few laughs instead?

Finding a good team building activity is incredibly difficult – the gym-goers in your office may be happy to go to a climbing wall or go ape adventure, but if half the office feels uncomfortable dangling from ropes they won’t feel integrated into the team – they’ll feel separated from the people who do enjoy the activity.

Likewise, activities like go-karting may be fun but they don’t offer the opportunity for people to really talk and interact on a deeper level than they do in the office every day.

Choosing an activity that doesn’t require high levels of physical fitness or dexterity is important, as is allowing people to communicate throughout the day. Some of the best team building activities are the best ones:

  • Bowling is a great way for people to work together, chat in between goes, and unite for a common goal
  • Going on a London Duck Tour lets employees relax while they learn more about their environment and get to know their colleagues a little better
  • Junkyard challenges ask employees to work together to build anything from catapults and cranes to power tunnels, letting them have fun and do something physical without it being strenuous
  • A company bake off is a great way to treat everybody to cake after they’ve cooperated and worked through the contentious issue of which icing to use
  • Crime scene investigations are perfect for team problem solving

Activities can be conducted in the office, but moving people away from the work environment lets people get away from work mentally as well as physically, while reducing the chances that they’ll run back to their desk ‘just to send one quick email’.


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